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Giving talent a voice - STRIDE Casting on Mank

The STRIDE team has just wrapped on the much anticipated David Fincher film, Mank. A mammoth shoot, STRIDE drew on the talented actors in the Los Angeles area to fill some pretty tricky briefs. The 63 day shoot saw STRIDE cast 637 background actors, working an average of 4 days each, and ~6,370 hours combined hours.

Getting work on a major feature film is all good and well but how was working with STRIDE different from the rest? We endeavor to offer a brand new way of working. One where talent doesn't pay a cent to work and the jobs come to you.

Here’s what the artists on Mank had to say about STRIDE Casting

"What I've noticed on first impressions is that STRIDE separates itself from other casting companies by having a lot of consideration for the BG actor. Such as, informing you when not chosen for a production, instead of leaving you hanging and unknowing if you can submit for other jobs yourself. STRIDE has been very professional and considerate towards BG. As a full time BG actor, this is greatly appreciated."


"Hard to change perfection!"

Gary Edwards, SAG-AFTRA

"The immediate support response is incredible. If STRIDE can manage 50 projects with the same approach and execution, this company will skyrocket! Don't change a thing."


"I wish all casting companies utilized the same framework (POP). I'm just hoping to work with STRIDE again. It was the easiest, most streamlined process I've encountered."

Timothy Donovan, SAG-AFTRA

"You guys are doing great! Love the platform! Every BG casting company should be using POP."

Trevor Snarr, SAG-AFTRA

"It is one of the best casting companies I have ever worked with. So easy and straightforward."

Levi Ashlyn, SAG-AFTRA

"Great, thorough, informative, kind, enjoyable to work with."

Diane Hageman, SAG-AFTRA

"A smooth operation. I’ve worked for several casting companies over the past 2 decades, but this was a unique and surprisingly great experience. Thanks, STRIDE!"

Paul Hood, SAG-AFTRA

"Great job! I wish more casting companies would connect themselves with this sort of technology (POP) for managing talent profiles and communication."

James Perry, SAG-AFTRA

"I have had the best experience from Stride, nothing but professional and courteous treatment."


"Thank you all so much. From the moment I heard about STRIDE and got signed up, I was amazed at the correspondence and efficiency. Loved how you would notify me about any updates or changes. Amazing response time as well!"


"I’ve already been recommending it to people! Really appreciate your flexibility when scheduling my fitting! The tech/interface is good (POP), but it’s the combination of the tech and the people that made working with STRIDE a great experience."

David Robinson

"Really clear, concise communication. Kind representative. Straightforward and fast responses."

Laura Hegstetter

"STRIDE always kept you in the know about your submissions. Very nice to know ahead of time what the work dates are. An all around GREAT experience!"

Mary Kay McCartney, SAG-AFTRA

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