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The game-changing tech revolutionizing background casting

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

At STRIDE, we credit much of our success to incredible casting directors and actors, but our biggest secret lies within our ability to use technology to our advantage. Most casting companies still rely on manual processes where technology could be used. As a POP powered casting company, game-changing technology does all of the hard work for us, so we can focus on what we enjoy doing the most - filling every role with the best actor possible.

The results speak for themselves - our entire casting process is completed with speed and ease. Our productions are a lot happier, and STRIDE Casting Directors and Associates don’t have to work into the early hours of the morning just to get the job done.

What is POP?

We Got POP is powering the next generation of Casting Directors to work smarter, not harder with their game-changing casting technology. POP's Casting Portal replaces the slow, inefficient and insecure manual processes on which casting has relied. With POP technology, Casting Directors can find, manage, book, and pay in platform, quickly and securely.

Well established in the UK, POP crossed the pond in 2018 and has now powered over 30 shows in the major production hubs LA, NYC, Chicago and Portland, just to name a few. Currently, there are 10 Casting Companies alongside STRIDE poweredbyPOP in the United States alone.

STRIDE's in good company, industry-leading Casting Companies 4 Star Casting, AND Casting, Weeble Mountain, and Adam and the Backgrounds have relied on POP tech to cast some of the biggest shows and films to come out of the U.S. in recent years, including Empire, Shameless, Fargo, The Man in the High Castle, and Mindhunter.

A selection of We Got POP's US background casting credits from 4 Star Casting, AND Casting, Weeble Mountain and Adam and the Backgrounds

The modern film set is a whirlwind. In a place where the motto is, “hurry up and wait,” things can easily go wrong and blood pressure can certainly run high. But, for every chaotic moment, there is a company like STRIDE, using technology to make the industry smarter and fairer for everyone.

Learn more and request a demo of POP’s Casting Portal here or email

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